Personal tax
We have a wealth of experience in the preparation and submission of tax returns.  With the tax regime becoming more complex, and more focus put on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities, everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position and to ensure that they meet all the compliance requirements.

We prepare each tax return efficiently and work to minimise our client’s tax liabilities. For sole-traders, partnerships and landlords, we can prepare the accounts needed to support the profit declared in the your tax return.

Completing a tax return can be daunting as the tax laws are often complex and change frequently.  Should you miss a deadline, deliver incorrect returns or fail to retain appropriate records HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will penaise you.  We can spare you these headaches and fee up your valuable time by doing the job for you.  Acting as your agent, we will: 

·    Prepare your annual self-assessment tax return.

·    Provide you with a full copy of the tax return and explanatory notes.

·    Calculate your liabilities and advise you when payments are required.

·    File your tax return online using professional software.

·    Deal directly with HMRC on your behalf throughout the year.

Tax enquiry fee protection service
Despite the detail and care we taking producing your tax returns, you can be selected for a full-scale investigation by the tax authorities involving complex, intrusive questions and a tax inspector trawling through your records.  This process can easily result in your affairs being turned upside down and, unfortunately, you can be randomly chosen for enquiry.

To provide peace of mind, we offer a Tax Investigation Service for a small annual fee which will in most cases provide you with a full, specialist support in the event of a tax enquiry.  

Ad-Hoc Personal Tax Advice
We provide personal tax advice when needed.  For example, looking at the capital gains tax implications of a property disposal.

Fee Structure
Our fee structure enable us to provide a high quality service at an affordable cost without surprises.  The practice is not VAT registered so there is no 20% VAT add-on charge.

We are pleased to discuss with you your needs and how our services can be of assistance to you.